Where Can I Get a Beneficiary Deed Form in Arizona

Fill out this form in 5-10 minutes by typing the answers directly into the empty fields or print the agreement and fill it out with a pen. After entering into this agreement, you must print, sign and deliver the signed agreement to the Company (delivery details can be found on the last page). You can pay with your Visa or MasterCard at our secure online store (our preferred method), send us a check or call our office and provide your credit card information over the phone. Delivery and payment instructions can be found on the last page of this Agreement. §33-405 (the law contains a sample form) available in Arizona. Website of the legislator. ➢ Beneficiary deeds are kept at Maricopa County Recorder`s. An experienced lawyer who can charge $300 to $400 can help determine if a beneficiary certificate is the right tool for an owner and if they need other estate planning documents, such as a living will or health power of attorney, Bregman added. These one- or two-page documents, called beneficiary acts, are fairly easy to create. They can be revoked later and replaced with another document if your situation changes.

Deeds only transfer ownership of a property upon death, meaning that an owner can sell, refinance, or take other action on a property during their lifetime. Deeds are not as versatile as living trusts, but less expensive. For many Arizona homeowners, a beneficiary certificate might be all they need. 2. The same goes for the children of the deceased beneficiary: according to Arizona law, acts must essentially conform to the format of the attached box. The law itself is found in Section 33-405 of the Arizona Revised Statutes (www.azleg.gov/ars/33/00405.htm). For a sole owner of a vehicle, designate a beneficiary for the transfer of ownership in the event of death. File size/pages: 100KB; 1 p.

The Arizona Beneficiary Deed Form is one of the documents you need to fill out to make sure your estate is organized. I recommend using this form as a reference as it is easy to understand and covers all the basics. Arizona Recipient Deed Form is a notarized form in Arizona that allows the transfer of ownership to another person. The document does not require any consideration or other type of payment. It is also called an act without compensation. This document can be used in cases where there are no heirs who can inherit the property and it avoids inheritance costs. The information contained herein is provided for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or opinions on specific facts and circumstances such as your particular situation. You should always consult a lawyer before relying on anything in this article when making decisions about your own case.

There are several ways to obtain a beneficiary certificate. One option is to do it yourself and create a document that conforms to the guidelines set out in Arizona law. The sample formats presented with this story show how a certificate should be formulated. Phoenix attorney Mark Bregman warns that changing ownership of real estate is an important legal step that, if not done properly, can cost thousands of dollars in legal fees and other expenses. “Relying on a kit, form, or document creator may work if you have an uncomplicated set of basic facts, but it may be necessary for a lawyer to recognize whether or not it`s true,” Bregman said in an email. $100 Deed Search Fee: You must send us a copy of the deed by which the owner(s) acquired ownership of the property, as it contains the legal description included in the deed. THIS IS NOT A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE. Check this box if you do not have a copy of the Certificate of Acquisition and we will purchase it from the registrar of the county where the property was located. Enter the appropriate information in Full name of all owners, Owner`s mailing address:, Owner`s phone and email:, Property Information:, Zip code, State, City, _____ Some attorneys and deeds provide helpful question and answer sections on their websites. [ ] Be part of the beneficiary`s estate. 3. Revocation of beneficiary certificate: Keep this document on file if you wish to cancel a registered beneficiary certificate.

Use this document to revoke your previously registered beneficiary certificate. If you change your mind and want to cancel your Arizona beneficiary deed after it is registered, simply fill in the spaces on the document, sign it, have it notarized, and then send it with a letter in the form of the revocation letter (we are preparing this letter for you – see 4 below) from the county where the property is located, with the corresponding entrance fee to the district clerk. To be effective, the revocation of the beneficiary deed must be signed by the owner(s), notarized and registered in the correct district. You will also need to have your completed beneficiary deed notarized and then register it in the county where the property is located. Once you`re done, the website of the Maricopa County Registrar`s Office (recorder.maricopa.gov) and the website of various other counties will list your deed, which you can view for free. Important: Make a copy of the deed that transferred the property to the owner(s) and send it to us with this agreement. The above attorney`s fees for the preparation of the beneficiary deed and related documents will only be incurred if you provide the company with a copy of the deed with which you acquired the property. We must have this deed because it contains the legal description of the property contained in the deed of beneficiary. THIS IS NOT A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE. If you do not have a copy of the deed, we will charge you an additional $100 to obtain a copy of the deed from the appropriate county clerk. The Arizona Deed of Beneficiary form automatically transfers ownership to a new owner if the current owner dies without the need for an estate. It also gives the current owner control of the property, including the right to change their mind about the transfer.

You may be asked for specific key dates so that you can fill out the sections Beneficiaries: List of Full Names, Alternative Beneficiaries: What to Do, Name of Beneficiary, Relationship with Owners, If a Beneficiary Dies Before Everyone Else, and Yes No. We do not act as counsel when advising you under this Agreement as we would have a conflict of interest. If we prepare one or more beneficiary deeds for you, the Company will not represent you in other legal matters unless you and the firm sign a mutually acceptable commitment agreement setting out any additional services to be provided and fees to be charged. We are engaged to provide legal services in connection with a specific case. Once we have been engaged to process, changes may occur in laws or regulations that apply to you that could affect your future rights and obligations. We have no obligation to advise you regarding future legal developments with respect to Arizona beneficiary deeds or anything related thereto. When drafting a beneficiary deed and related documents, we only represent the owner(s) of the property, not a potential beneficiary. If for any reason the Company is unable to prepare your requested beneficiary deed in Arizona, we will notify you and refund the money you paid. I (we) ____ Click on the fields below to select your services and fees. Fill in the blanks online by clicking on a box or by entering the information in each empty field. Press the Tab key to move to the next field and the Shift+Tab key to move backward.

If a beneficiary dies before all owners, give the deceased person`s share to the beneficiaries listed below: the powers of this deed do not take effect until the death of the owner, and it can be revoked at any time by registering a revocation or other beneficial deed for the same property. The information requested below is necessary to prepare your beneficiary certificate. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. We prepare the act and related documents on the basis of the information contained in your answers below. You represent and warrant that all information contained in this Agreement is accurate. If you print with a pen, please print (no cursive writing) well so we can read what you print. Enter the answers to the questions directly in each space. Press the Tab key to move to the next field on the form. Press Shift+Tab to move backwards.

Yet many Arizona residents don`t know where to find beneficiary deeds because there is no single source or form. This became clear after the publication of an article last Sunday in the economic department AZ of the republic in which the acts were discussed and how they are adopted in other states.