The Bruise You Can’t See

We are a theatre in education dedicated to bringing interactive theatre experiences to

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Pupil Referral Units
  • Community Groups
  • Public

A show and a workshop all in one.
interactive from beginning to end, where the audience actively explore important issues relevant to them and ‘try out’ solutions in a safe atmosphere.
Their voices are heard.
Their solutions explored.
Maximum impact is achieved through the natural differentiation this interaction brings. The audience ‘own’ the outcome and adopt embedded behavioural change long after we have gone away.

We are forum theatre specialists and it is our passion and always will be. Forum fuses live theatre performance with an interactive workshop.  Four actors/facilitator turn up in an empty space with chairs, plug point and audience. With just this we create outstanding theatre that makes a difference and pushes the boundaries of ‘normal’ theatre.

Our interactive element makes us unique in theatre-in-education (TIE) and is a vital to our work. We educate, challenge and stimulate discussion on important issues that affect our young people. Our main area is healthy relationships and breaks down into our main (but by no means only) specialist areas: HBT (homophobic, biphobic and transphobic) and identity based bullying, domestic abuse and sexual health/relationships.

Our work is ground breaking and can ‘pop up’ in a diverse variety of settings. There are no boundaries on where our work is performed to maximise the reach of our vital messages, ensuring accessibility to all. We have performed in schools, colleges, theatres, community halls, concert halls, pupil referral units, conferences, meetings, churches, places of worship, Parliament, outside spaces and are increasing this list to include festivals and prisons.  This all-inclusive approach is vitally important to us as we want our message of equality to be shared everywhere.

Forum theatre is a form of interactive theatre from Brazil and was created by practitioner Augustus Boal, who used this theatre to go in to oppressed villages and teach people the strategies to challenge the dictatorship and address inequality. 

Our audience watch the 4 actor play as the drama unfolds and are split into groups with one character each to ‘advise’ as to how to deal with the situation they find themselves in.  The audience tell the actors exactly what to do and send them back into the scenario to watch the consequences. This allows the audience to look beyond just the obvious ‘right answers’ and to see in detail the reality and consequences. We call this a rehearsal for life and it repeats many times. By ‘being’ the character, they are invested to make positive change and empowered with positive choices to use for their own future.  The difference between ‘watching’ and ‘feeling’ is vast and leaves our audiences with an embedded understanding of what it is like to walk in someone’s shoes and what they can do about it.

It Won’t Happen To Me and Love, Lies and Lullabies end with characters being HIV positive or pregnant so our audience is asked to go back in time and work out where they could have made different choices.

BOY ends with the main character leaving the school and taking his own life. The audience is tasked with finding points in the play to intervene and get help from his teachers, outside providers and friends.

The Bruise You Can’t See (our play on domestic abuse) the audience look at the early warning signs of controlling behaviour and look at how to communicate to change it within th

Award winning HyperFusion:

  • shortlisted at National Diversity Awards 2017.
  • nominated at European Diversity Awards 2017.
  • finalist at Best Women’s Business Awards 2017.
  • shortlisted at the European Diversity Awards 2016.
  • worked with over 25,000 people in over 87 educational organisations throughout the last ten years of touring.
  • nominated for National Diversity Awards (2016 & 2017.)
  • winner of High Sheriff’s Award.
  • partnered with Show Racism the Red Card delivering teacher training.

TIC Box highlights:

  • Parliament performance of BOY during Parliament Week Nov 2016 in collaboration with Parliout.
  • Funding from Clinical Commissioning Group NHS, Southwark Council and Stevenage Community Trust.
  • BOY invited to adapt the play for the West End.
  • Touring London, Essex, Herts, Cambs, North East, Brighto

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