The Shhh Experience

Fantastic. Don’t keep quiet about The Shhh Experience.

Knock out great acts. Brilliant MC.

So funny and original.

Face achingly good.

Best show in town.

My face hurts from laughing.

This CANNOT be a one off. Beg for it to happen again and then buy your ticket. You will not be disappointed.

Willie Wonka was an absolute blast and our children loved every minute of it.

Thank you for the best night Saffron Walden has ever had.

Not what I expected – UNIQUE!

Entertaining theatre experiences which immerse you into the centre of the action by removing the stage and drawing you in as part of the story. With the freedom to join in or just observe, promising a night you will never forget.
Specialising in theatre in non theatre spaces, our Shhh… shows have been found in pubs, halls, hotels, outdoors, music venues and even on a train!

Secret Cabaret Club

Regular cabaret clubs. Transforming venues into our own intimate secret cabaret club, for the finest singers, dancers, burlesque artistes and comedians to tantalise and titillate with theatrical trickery, cheeky charm and vivacious variety entertainment.

“Wow – brilliant, fun, hilarious, more please. “

A Wedding To Remember

It’s 1985 and she said yes. So they’re gathering the family for the best wedding ever. Hilarious immersive theatre show where audience can take part if they want to or free to just observe the shameless shenanigans, family feuds, and drama that unfolds around them as they are part of the wedding breakfast along with the bride and groom


“A talented cast, outstanding writing and superb catering. This CANNOT be a one off. Beg for it to happen again and then buy your ticket. You will not be disappointed. Fab-u-lous.”

The Office Party That Goes Wrong

So, it’s that time again. The Office Party that no-one wants to organise. Kevin’s got a new shirt. The big boss is on her way over from New York. There’s a new office in Santorini and the sales of the year announcement is imminent. And Linda’s best party trick is ready…….. What could possibly go wrong?

“Amazing Night! I’ve never been to anything like it. Had me crying with laughter”

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The magical Wonka world full of interactive entertainment, thrilling theatre and revival of the Gene Wilder classic. Not just theatre or a film but both! The building will be full of actors, theatre, activities and a few surprises before the film.

“Willie Wonka was an absolute blast and our children loved every minute of it. Cupcakes, burping juice, bubbles, music making, oompa loompa dancing, what’s not to love.”


Enter into our private members nightclub where you can buy the ‘secret to love’ as a fast track to the perfect relationship. Delighting in the unexpected at a club where everyone around may not be quite as they seem.

“Loved the clever anticipation and the apprehension of the audience before all became clear.”

The Breakfast Club

So the audience knows they are coming to watch The Breakfast Club at a school. What they didn’t realise that they were going to be transported back to 1984 and they’ve managed to get themselves into detention. This promenade show took the audience around the school as they tried to get away from the perfect prefect determined to dob them in to the scary headmistress. With a secret alcohol stash under the orange squash it’s a night of rebellious hilarity culminating in a special screening of the film The Breakfast Club.

“Sides still hurt from laughing so much!” 

Is There Anybody Out There?

Our first Shhh… show started off as an invite only secret performance. Our audience was sent an invite and requested not to tell anyone and just show up. The show IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE that awaited them was an experience where  As you arrive at the wake of Terry’s wife, we follow his journey of grief and struggle to get anyone to understand.

“To see professional theatre normally performed in London venues being made so accessible was a real treat. “


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