Love, Lies and Lullabies explores healthy relationships.

Targeted to Year 9 upwards.

Love, Lies and Lullabies focus on healthy relationships, self esteem, aspiration, teenage pregnancy and sexual health.

Laura has a great boyfriend, some fantastic friends and now a place at college doing exactly what she wants. But it seems not everyone is as happy as she is and maybe her boyfriend and friends aren’t as supportive as she thought. Especially once the truth comes out and she is forced to see a side to people she hadn’t bargained for and to reconsider everything she has ever wanted.

Delivered by experts in this field in a completely unique way, we explore and discover those honest questions young people need to ask in a safe atmosphere whilst empowering them to make healthy decisions in their relationships, ready to move them on at the pace they want to.

The play was created in collaboration with an HertsAid (HIV organisation) and funded by the Primary Care Trust. Report by MBARC for NHS Hertfordshire, Sept. ’12, statistics showed a 15% reduction in teenage pregnancy in Stevenage in the 5 years we delivered both plays.

“I thought I knew it all, but this has made me think again.” Young person.

“Your passion for young people and the issues covered was evident throughout.” Kim & Amanda, Teachers.