Is There Anybody Out There?

You arrive at the wake of Terry’s wife Carol. There’s a book to sign and flowers to admire. And tea and those little sandwiches Carol used to love. Terry can be seen sitting by himself. He’s clearly not coping. Fellow audience are there as friends and family of our dear Carol.

Over 100 people turned up at the Shhh Experience last week without a clue what they were going to. And from the moment of walking through the Town Hall doors the unique experience began. The audience were guided into the wake of Terry’s wife Carol by friends and family of the woman and treated as fellow guests. The play then looked at how Terry’s life unfolds post the loss of his wife and climaxed to a fierce ending of his breakdown of communication with everyone. One audience member said “brilliant acting, I felt moved and emotional”. However this wasn’t the end of the play – it was just the beginning. Audience members then found themselves directing the story to help Terry communicate with those around him, giving real advise for the actor to try and constantly readdressing it as the story developed. One audience member wrote “My tears were down to the experience being so realistic and the calibre of actors and me getting right into it”.

Director, Sarah Ellis said “The atmosphere was electric and full of passionate debate. It was fantastic. HyperFusion tour this forum theatre work all around the country but we have never bought it to Walden and the feedback has been incredible.” Other audience members said “An excellent though provoking tool” and “A really big well done for bringing this to us in such a stylish, contemporary, London Theatre eat your heart out kind of way.”

The show raised awareness of the work MIND who were there to help people after the show and received support from Saffron Walden Town Council, Tourist Information Centre, Waitrose, The Duke pub and Starbucks.

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