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I’ve seen the work that this theatre company do and the change that it facilitates. THIS. WORKS. And not only does this work, it is so important, not only today, but tomorrow and into the future.


We have worked with TIC Box twice now: at tenant training events & delivering 15 full day of Customer Service training. We would not hesitate to work with them again.

Berni O’Regan, Stevenage Homes
Berni O’Regan, Stevenage Homes

These are the highest scores we had received for training around Customer Service and Equality and Diversity.

Berni O’Regan, Stevenage Homes.
Berni O’Regan, Stevenage Homes.

Empowering diverse and inclusive workplaces to be the most successful and authentic they can be.

Throwing out dull PowerPoints and scary role-play, our unique blend of theatre and workshop delivers equity, diversity, and inclusion training, investigating the nature of behaviour in a safe and engaging way. Empowering your team to find their unique voice and explore issues with resilience and confidence.

Empowerment and Communication.

Empowering participants to find their own unique voice and discover the confidence to share it with authenticity, self-awareness and self-esteem.

Diversity & Inclusion.

Exploring and combatting racism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia. Exploring unconscious bias.

You want to provide a safe work environment free from discrimination, harassment and intimidation. Analysing behaviour and crucially understanding the roots of identity based stereotypes, bullying and harassment to empower your team to celebrate diversity and make change where it’s needed.

Mental health.

The true cost of mental health in the workplace.


Bullying is behaviour. Unacceptable morally but also impactive on your team. Poor performance and productivity, absence and potential of legal intervention for a company. So it’s in your interest to ensure you are creating a safe and healthy environment for your team.


Empowerment and communication.

Personal and professional development in three key areas:

Deepening Self Awareness

Enhancing Influence

Communicating with Power

78% of participants gave us 6 out of 6 for how much they enjoyed the day. 11% 5 out of 6. 11% 4 out of 6.

89% of participants enjoyed the theatre side of the workshop.

“Very different to my normal day.” “Love that there were NO presentations.” “Very much needed.” “No pressure to get involved but so inclusive at the same time.”

Customer Service Training for Stevenage Homes.

Working with their entire staff team from top to bottom.

From Berni O’Regan.

“We have a very varied staff based and have some challenging individuals and people who hate any training. Sarah Ellis is an excellent facilitator and we were amazed at how many more ‘negative’ people were playing a full part in the sessions. There’s no pressure to role-play, though many of them did get up and express themselves, even though they have said they would never do anything like that before the training began.”


WINNER Community Champion Best Business Women’s Awards 2019 

SHORTLISTED Community Project of the year at European Diversity Awards 2019 

NOMINATED as Community Organisation at National Diversity Awards 2020

WINNER High Sheriff’s Award 2016

FINALIST for Community Champion and Children and Families award at Best Business Woman Awards 2018

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