BOY tackles HBT and identity based bullying.

BOY’s story follows the journey of Joe and his three close friends as a seemingly harmless in-joke moves from ‘banter’ to something much more sinister after an incident at a party, resulting in a tragic escalation of events with life-changing consequences for all involved.

The aim of BOY is to bring LGBT prejudice and bullying to the fore and to create safe spaces for all young people regardless of identity.

BOY is interactive from beginning to end, where young people actively explore important issues relevant to them and ‘try out’ solutions in a safe atmosphere.
Their voices are heard.
Their solutions explored.

We inspire young people to develop strategies for understanding prejudice, successfully managing healthier relationships, creating ownership of their own behavioural choices and empowering embedded behavioural change through our interactive theatre experience.

Evidence gathered from the BOY tour to Junior schools and Senior schools in Southwark include.

After seeing BOY do you understand what homophobic language is?

96% said they did.

After seeing BOY do you understand what homophobic bullying is?

97% said yes.

After seeing BOY would you know how to help a friend/person who was being bullied?

98% said yes.

After seeing BOY do you know where to go for help if you are being bullied?

67% said yes. Noticing the difference between knowing where to go if someone else is getting bullied and if you yourself are getting bullied has been noted. We are going to work into the play what we can do about the difference. Initial thoughts are perhaps it’s one thing to know where to go for help but doing it still feels a different thing. We still have more work to do.

We have also extended the BOY experience to include an Ambassador Programme. Post show, this 3 day programme explores ‘tools for change’ with 30 targeted young people. Emotional and mental health, emotional intelligence, self-esteem and exploration of identity based prejudice empowers young people to share the BOY legacy by becoming authentic leaders committed to accelerating change by creating their own theatre piece for change in their own organisations. Ambassadors are encouraged to share the final product with peers, parents/carers, staff, school leaders and governors.

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