MiniFusion is an introductory session to the world of musical theatre.

This one hour class is a combination of movement, games, street dance, singing, drama and masses of fun.

We build confidence, creativity, self-esteem and expression. Cast members can move up to Brooks Company in Year 1 or 2 or as and when they feel ready.

Ages 4-7.


This is our beginners company where we lay the foundations of performance technique, creativity and confidence.

Embracing theatre genres in acting, dance and singing, we build our performers from the inside out with a focus on ensemble and group work as well as personal development.

Ages 7 – 11.


This is our intermediate company, still building on those foundations of technique, creativity and confidence.

Whilst still developing acting, dancing and singing skills, this company has an emphasis on pushing boundaries and increasing essential pace and commitment necessary for a strong performer.

Ages 11-13.


This is our senior company, for those who want to move on to the next level.

We hone our artist’s techniques and broaden their knowledge allowing them to move into the industry as confident, strong and diverse performers.

This company also focuses on auditions and audition technique for entrance into drama school or employment in the industry.

Ages 13 +.

Academy Testimonials

The work that Sarah does is so important, crucial to so many people here. I am very grateful for all the effort and time she puts in to developing the talents and personalities of us lucky youngsters. Working with her has been lovely, she pours her heart into the group and we are all very grateful. Thanks a million billion.

Jeremyaged 18

The young people gain so much from working with professionals. The teachers have high expectations and deliver the lessons with an obvious love of their art. The youngsters can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of working on the stage.


I have increased my confidence already in only one session. I can’t wait to carry on!


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