Outstanding training in acting, singing & dancing for young people, focusing on the complete person, not just the artist.

Unlike other stage schools, we aren’t just classes but more a theatre company set up, delivered by professional and highly experienced teachers from the theatre industry.

Promising great fun whilst developing theatre & personal skills, inspiring creativity, self-esteem, expression & collaboration skills whilst creating outstanding, confident, strong, diverse performers & people.



For ages 4-7 years old. 1 hour a week.

A gentle introduction to acting, dancing & singing delivered through games, creativity and fun.


For ages 7-10 years old. 3 hours a week.

Acting, singing & dancing sessions to empower your young person to get creative, have fun and find their own unique voice.


For ages 10-13 years old. 3 hours a week.

More challenging and engaging sessions in acting, singing & dancing sessions to empower your young person to get creative, have fun and find their own unique voice.


For ages 13+. 3 hours a week.

Comprehensive triple threat training (acting, dancing & singing) for students to extend their skills and continue to master their art. In addition, opportunities to engage in Audition technique sessions as well as link to our sister professional theatre company.


Baptist Church, Saffron Walden.


Saturdays during term time.


MiniFusion: 10am – 11pm.

Juniors: 10am – 1pm.

Intermediates: 10am – 1pm.

Advanced: 10am-1pm.

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What they say about us…

The work that Sarah does is so important, crucial to so many people here. I am very grateful for all the effort and time she puts in to developing the talents and personalities of us lucky youngsters. Working with her has been lovely, she pours her heart into the group and we are all very grateful. Thanks a million billion.

Jeremyaged 18

The young people gain so much from working with professionals. The teachers have high expectations and deliver the lessons with an obvious love of their art. The youngsters can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of working on the stage.


I have increased my confidence already in only one session. I can’t wait to carry on!

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